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Alleged drunk driver hides in poop bin of Washington dog breeder

Two 911 calls alerted police in Parkland to a man driving erratically, running red lights and striking multiple vehicles in the Brookdale area. A deputy located the vehicle in a 20-acre field on 52nd Avenue East. The man living there had used his tractor to keep the car that had smashed through his gate from moving again. The deputy reported that he smelled an overpowering odor of feces as he approached the car and saw feces smeared on the driver’s door.

Inside the vehicle, he found an unconscious man covered in feces. The owner of the property informed the deputy that he was a dog breeder and that the driver had jumped into the bin where he placed dog poop. After confronting the intruder, the dog breeder said that the man returned to his vehicle and passed out.

Once the deputy succeeded in waking the driver, the man admitted that he had consumed multiple shots of tequila. His unsanitary condition prompted the deputy to forgo the administration of a field sobriety test. Law enforcement requested assistance from the fire department so that the driver could be placed in a hazardous materials suit for transport to the jail. Authorities held the 25-year-old man on suspicion of driving under the influence.

After a drunk driving arrest, a person may learn how to defend against the criminal charges by consulting an attorney. Legal guidance might help a person choose to enter a plea or develop a defense strategy, especially if the incident was a first offense or a sobriety test appears to be inaccurate.

Source: Komo News, “That stinks: Suspected drunken driver tries to hide from cops in bin full of dog poop,” April 11, 2018 .

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