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Steve Wilkos granted entrance to diversionary program for DUI

Washington residents may have heard that Steve Wilkos, a talk show host and former security professional for “The Jerry Springer Show”, flipped his vehicle in January while he was driving drunk in Connecticut. At that time, Wilkos initially claimed that he had been reaching for his glasses when he lost control of his car. However, it was later revealed that he had been driving while he was intoxicated.

Wilkos may be able to avoid having the drunk driving conviction on his record. On April 23, sources report that Wilkos was accepted into a diversion program by the court. If he is able to complete the diversion program successfully, the drunk driving accident will not be on his record.

Wilkos has reportedly attended rehabilitation to address his problems with alcohol. He stated that the drunk driving incident resulted from a lapse in judgment. Under the terms of the diversionary program, Wilkos will have to complete a 15-week alcohol education program. He will also have to participate in a panel that is comprised of drunk driving accident victims. In the accident, his vehicle hit several objects along the side of the road before flipping and landing on its side.

Drunk driving convictions can result in serious penalties. People may face time in jail, large fines and court costs. They may also have to attend mandatory alcohol education and counseling. People may temporarily lose their driving privileges or be forced to install ignition interlock devices. Having a drunk driving conviction may also prevent people from traveling to certain countries. An experienced DUI attorney may be able to help clients to secure alternative sentences or favorable pleas to reduced charges.

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